Challenge 2015: Post War Blues at the Brooklyn Army Terminal



Below are all the tutorials you need to participate in the project. All the flowers must be made from yarn made from plastic shopping bags. The design of the flowers is up to you! I have included some flowers that I found on YouTube as suggestions only.

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How to cut Plastic bags for thread:


How to Knit:

Examples of knit designs:

How to finger knit


Easy Finger knit flower (best for small children)


From Nikki Epstein Knitted Flowers: American Beauty Rose

Cast on 66 sts
ROW 1 *Knit 6, Rotate Left needle counterclockwise 360 degrees, rep * to end
ROW 2 Purl
ROW 3 Knit 2 together across -- 33 sts
ROW 4 Purl 2 together to last st, purl 1 -- 17 sts
ROW 5 Knit 2 together to last st, knit 1 -- 9 sts

Run threaded tapestry needle through remaining stitches on needle, pull tightly and secure. Twist rose into a spiral and sew back to hold spiral in place.


How to crochet:


Examples of crochet designs:

Easy Crochet Rose Tutorial


How To Crochet Large Flower


Easy primrose flower


Puff Stitch Flower