Challenge 2015: Post War Blues at the Brooklyn Army Terminal


Frequently Asked Questions:

When do you need the flowers?

Ideally I would like to have the bulk of the flowers by August 2015. Because of where the installation is, the flowers need to be flame-proofed, which will take some time.

Can I make flowers with regular yarn?

No: all the flowers must be made from recycled plastic bags. Flowers made from regular yarn will not be used on the final installation.

What color should the flowers be?

The flowers can be any color you want!

What do you mean by recycled plastic bags?

The bags used for thread need to be previously used bags: you can collect from friends and family but do not take new bags from a store, for example.

Why this challenge? Aren't you making any flowers?

I am! I have been making flowers along all of you since January 2015.

I leave outside the U.S., can I participate?

Yes! I would like this project to have as many different cultures as possible, to show that we can get along as humans and make beautiful and meaningful work together.

I cannot attend any of the art clubs, can I still make flowers?

Yes! I am focusing on going to the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge and Sunset Park in Brooklyn, but anyone can send me flowers and participate in the installation.

I am not in the art clubs, where do I send the flowers?

You can send the flowers to me. Please email me at to arrange shipping.